Business Practices

1.What do you do about unsavory business practices?

Company Background

1.What is Herbalife?

2.What happened to the founder of Herbalife?

3.Why have your senior executives sold some of their stock? Do they lack confidence in the company?

4.Isn’t Herbalife just a pyramid or Ponzi scheme?

5.Is Herbalife a cult?

6.Where can I find Herbalife on social media websites?

7.What is the Nutrition Advisory Board?

Distributor Information

1.How do Herbalife independent distributors make money?

2.Aren’t independent distributors employees?

3.How do distributors sell your products?

4.What was the average gross compensation paid by Herbalife to United States Distributors in 2013?

Facts and Figures

1.What are Herbalife’s volume point trends around the world?

2.What are Herbalife’s financial trends?

3.What are Herbalife’s recent quarterly net sales highlights?

4.What are Herbalife’s recent quarterly earnings per share (EPS) highlights?

5.What is Herbalife’s supervisor retention?

6.What is Herbalife’s product category ratio?

Social Responsibility

1.What type of corporate social responsibility program do you have?

2.Do you have a community outreach or philanthropy program?

3.Are employees and distributors involved in your philanthropy program?

4.Do you have any wellness programs for employees?

5.Does the company share its values among its employees?


1.What are your major sponsorships?

2.Are all of your sponsorships paid for by the company or do your distributors sponsor events as well?

3.I want to request a Corporate sponsorship from Herbalife, how can I do this?

4.Can I get sponsored by a local Independent Herbalife Distributor?

5.What happens to the information I send to

6.How can I get samples for my event, this could be a great opportunity for Herbalife?

7.I am an Independent Herbalife Distributor, where can I learn more about how to sponsor a local athlete or organization?

Herbalife is a Proud Member of the Direct Selling Association and a Signatory to the DSA Code of Ethics

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