Health and Wellness

1.Can I use Herbalife® products if I'm currently under the care of a doctor or taking medication?

2.Has the glycemic index been determined for all Herbalife® products?

3.If I'm lactose intolerant, can I take Herbalife® products?

4.Are Herbalife® products considered to be part of a high-protein diet?

5.Can Herbalife® products prevent/cure diseases like diabetes, cancer and thyroid conditions?

6.Where can I go for more information on balanced nutrition and dietary supplements?

7.Is soy safe for women with breast cancer, breast cancer survivors, women taking Tamoxifen or other such medications, or women at high risk for breast cancer?

8.I'm pregnant and want to take the Herbalife® products during my pregnancy. Which products should I take?

9.Which products can lactating women use?

10.Which products can someone with kidney problems (nephrotic syndrome, one kidney, kidney transplant, dialysis, etc.) use?

11.If I’m diabetic, can I use a weight-management program? Are there any problems?

12.Are there any interactions with my medication(s)?

13.What should I do if I’ve hit a plateau with my weight-management results?

14.How do I talk to my doctor about Herbalife® products?

15.I am presently taking anti-depressants. Are there any products that I should avoid?

16.What supplements do you recommend for depression?

17.Will Cell Activator® cause cancer cells to proliferate?

18.I am about to undergo chemotherapy. Are there any products that I can consume while under treatment?

19.Will soy protein reduce my testosterone levels? Is it bad for males?


1.Is soy protein as effective and beneficial for building muscle as whey protein?

2.How much EPA & DHA is in Herbalifeline®, Core Complex® and Tri-Shield® capsules?

3.Do Herbalifeline® and Trishield® capsules contain mercury?

4.Do Herbalife® products contain gluten?

5.Why do you use artificial colors and flavors?

6.Do Herbalife® products contain a lot of caffeine? Which products contain caffeine?

7.What is the primary type of protein in Formula 1?

8.Why does Formula 1 contain soy protein?

9.Why do you use sucralose in your products?

10.Is it possible to use stevia instead of sucralose as a sweetener in Herbalife® products?

Product Usage

1.Can children use Herbalife® products?

2.How can children use the products for weight loss?

3.I am a vegetarian. Which Herbalife® products can I use?

4.I am a vegan. Which Herbalife® products can I use?

5.How do I make a Formula 1 shake?

6.Can I add fruit or other ingredients into a shake?

7.How many shakes can I drink a day?

8.Can shakes be made with water instead of milk?

9.What happens if Herbalife® products STOP working and you stop getting results?

10.Are there any technical resources about Herbalife® products for athletes?

11.Is Thermo-Bond® blocking the good fats in fish and krill oil from being absorbed?

Product Care

1.My powdered mix product has changed in consistency, why?

2.My powdered mix product has become hard or solidified, why?

3.Where is the best place to store my powdered mix products?

4.My gel capsule product is stuck/melted together, why?

5.Where is the best place to store my gel capsule products?

6.My tablets have changed in color why?

7.Where is the best place to store my tablets?

8.My protein bar has changed in color/consistency, why? Has a white coating*

9.Where is the best place to store my liquid products?

10.My outer nutrition product has changed in color/consistency, why?

11.Where is the best place to store my Outer Nutrition products?

12.Can I use tablet boxes or containers to store my product?

13.What is the small package inside my product container?


1.I'm a professional athlete. Do any Herbalife® products contain ingredients banned by anti-doping policies?

2.Do you test your products on animals?


1.How are Herbalife® products developed?

2.Do Herbalife® products contain lead?

3.If your products are so good, why aren’t they available in stores?

4.How does an Herbalife shake compare to a typical breakfast of a latte and muffin?

5.Does the company conduct any product studies?

6.How are your products backed by science?


1.What is Herbalife24?

2.How do the products in this line differ from existing Herbalife® products?

3.Where can I buy the Herbalife24® products?

4.Can the Herbalife24 line be mixed or stacked with the weight management products? For example, can an everyday user take Formula 1 in the morning, and then Formula 1 Sport for lunch?

Quality Control

1.Do you manufacture your own products? How does Herbalife guarantee quality control and quality assurance of its products?

2.What government entities regulate Herbalife® products?

3.Do Herbalife® products cause liver disease?

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