Pedro Barreda Munoz, M.D.


Barreda's specialty is in neonatology. He has been a private-practice pediatrician in Chile since 1989. Prior to opening his practice, he served as a professor at several Chilean universities, including Pontificia Universidad Catolica, the Universidad de Chile, and the Universidad de Concepcion. He is president of Docencia del Nino Foundation, teaching pre- and post-graduate studies throughout the country. Barreda also spent one year at Miami Children's University and in the Pediatrics department at the Hospital Nacional de Mexico.

Barreda has written extensively on such topics as the relationship between Omega-3 and infants, probiotics, and advancements in pediatric medicine. He is the co-author of the sixth edition of the Pediatrics Treaty, which is promoted by the Pan-American Health Organization.

Barreda actively participates in media discussions, including televised interviews, radio discourse, newspaper opinion and via social media on Twitter (@pediatrabrareda).

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